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Crazy dreams

It's only crazy until you do it.
- it's the great moto of a very successful Nike campaign. The truth of that moto is something that can direct you on the right track to success. 

It's really crazy when people who fell short in achieving their big dreams want to give you advice about how to achieve your dreams. It's really crazy how people tend to give you wrong advice due to their lack of knowledge. It's really crazy how many great athletes and sportsmen gave up on their dreams because of wrong advice or a single bad decision. It's really crazy that people believe others more often than themselves when they start to chase "big dreams". 

It's really not crazy.
People who made a success at some point in their life know that there was a lot of people trying to tell them how their big dream is impossible to achieve. Luckily for them, those people didn't hear or want to think about the limitations of others. They knew that there are no existing limits of our capabilities, they knew that only existing limits are those which they put on themselves. So they believed in their dreams. They organised their lifestyle so they can chase their dreams. They worked hard. Then they succeed. When dreams are achieved, achievers ask themselves, "How crazy it would be if I listened to other people telling me what my limitations are." 

The game-changers.
The truth is that goal achievers almost never talk about their dreams with others. They don't want to waste time and energy on the others who think that it's impossible to achieve their goal. They are searching for true partners on their way to achieving greatness. They stick with a few people because just few will understand a "craziness" of their dreams. They become "soldiers of the mission", they know the goal and they go for it. They will do whatever it takes everything to make that dream a reality. Like Nike motto says, "It's only crazy until You do it.", great achievers become game-changers who create a whole new level of achievements. 

Now is your time to dream big. 
So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your precious time and start chasing your dreams today. 
Start today to be the only one who decides if it's possible or not. Start today to be the only one who will decide if you are capable or not. Do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. And when others say that your dreams are crazy, ask yourself are they crazy enough, because you know that you are capable of achieving it.

Game changer
The karate game changer. Rafael Aghayev changed karate sport by achieving 5 gold medals as an individual at world karate championships. It was crazy until it was done. 

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