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OKAMI SIX PACK - ENES GARIBOVIĆ 6 QUESTION INTERVIEW   The first interviewed guest of our new six-pack project is Enes Garibović. Young Croatian karate athlete who already achieved some great sports success as well as life success. His karate career is already very successful despite he turned 24 a few weeks ago. He is competing in category -75kg and this is some of his biggest successes till now.  A gold medal at European Championship (U21), Silver medal at SERIA A (Top Karate tournament series), Silver medal at Mediterranean games 2018 5th place at European senior championships at the age of 22 Two bronze medals at Senior European Championship as a team member This is just a part of his great karate...

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It's only crazy until you do it. - it's the great moto of a very successful Nike campaign. The truth of that moto is something that can direct you on the right track to success. It's really crazy when people who fell short in achieving their big dreams want to give you advice about how to achieve your dreams. It's really crazy how people tend to give you wrong advice due to their lack of knowledge. It's really crazy how many great athletes and sportsmen gave up on their dreams because of wrong advice or a single bad decision. It's really crazy that people believe others more often than themselves when they start to chase "big dreams".  It's really not crazy.People who...

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