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While the world is fighting against Coronavirus pandemic and all sports' activities are delayed or cancelled, what can athletes do to continue their motivation and dedication to achieve their goals? 
Athletes need to continue to dream big and no matter what's happening around them, their commitment to success needs to stay alive. 


First of all, no matter which sport do you compete in, you need to make a deep analyze of your work. Now is the right time to find answers on questions like: Did I do everything in my power to achieve my goals? What were my mistakes? What did I learn from mistakes? Which are my best moves? How can I do it even better? ...

 Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest analyzing athletes in all sports. He was known to spend hours and days on analyzing every little detail of his performance as well as the performances of his opponents. Because of this "deep" analyzes and his work mentality he will be remembered as one of the greatest athletes ever.  

               Kobe Bryant

While you are in quarantine don't let your time pass in front of the TV News, Netflix or some similar entertaining. Now is a great time for you to find a peaceful place and start your education about new ways of training or about sports psychology. Invest in your knowledge, start some online masterclass or simply read books to get more knowledge that will bring you closer to the desired results. 

Novak Đoković Is a great example of knowledge investment. He was already a top player, but he couldn't make his way to the desired world number one ranking. Then he started to invest in his knowledge about nutritionism and after a few months, he discovered how to use food to improve his mental skills. After this, he became one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
      Novak Đoković

If there is one most important step out of those 5 steps, then for sure that is a good plan. Set your goals and get started with planning actions toward it. It's definitely crucial to know where you are heading when you are (re)starting your training. So make it clear, plan three types of goals and you will achieve more.

THREE TYPES OF GOALS: Weekly goals, Monthly goals and Program goals. 
First, you need to make a program goal. What do you want to achieve with this program? Is that a new move? Stronger muscles? Become more flexible? It's all on you, you need to decide what you want. 
Second, you need to divide the program into monthly goals which will then move you toward your program goal. So you will make short term goals for your training. Those goals will give you a direction and will show you what you need to achieve to make your program goals happen.
Third, you will need to set weekly goals. For a great training plan, you will need to track your progress and plan direction by setting simple weekly goals. It is helpful to know you are moving in a direction that you want, and it will also be a great tool for your future analyze because it will give you a picture of which part you didn't plan well or where did you over-perform. 
It's very important to make your training plan realistic. Add a resting period to your plan; give yourself some additional aiming points like a 2-week goal. And definitely, write down the time duration for your plan. Usual training plans are made for 10-16 weeks period, but you can make yours for the next 8 weeks (two months) and repeat the program with new goals. Whatever you want to achieve you can do it, you will just need to set the right goals, do the work, be flexible with your training goals and be committed to your program goals.

All athletes are motivated with achieving some great results. But what is the difference between those athletes that achieve great results and the ones that don't? In our opinion, the difference is what drives those different athletes from inside them. To achieve the greatest results you cannot simply be motivated by just achieving it. You need something much more to endure through all training plans, obstacles on the way and all distractions around you. You will need to get INSPIRED.

There is a big difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is a short term tool - your coach or sparring partners can motivate you to do more on training or your opponents can make you feel motivated to win some match or tournament. On the other half, inspiration is a long term tool; it's something that you need to find deep inside yourself. It's something that gets you out of bed early in the morning and is something that will make you throw away a mediocre way of life. It's something that will make you relentless in achieving your goals. 

To get inspired you need to know you real "Why?". Why are you doing this? Why you've started all of this? Why is that result so important for you?... these are some of the questions that could help you find your "why?". You need to find the answer to those questions if you want to get inspired. 

Conor McGregor once said 
"There is no talent here, this is hard work.
This is an obsession." 
While he is committed to hard work, his inspiration comes from his hard beginnings and his decision to be the pride of his nation.
Conor McGregor

Now is the time to take some actions. While quarantine is still "a way of life", you need to optimize your training goals according to your training possibilities. Most of the athletes will wait until all this situation ends and then start again with training. Don't be like the most - do what you can, let the quarantine time be your time for big progress. Get your body in shape so you can have a fresh start with your written training plan once this time pass.  

Now, these were our 5 steps to move forward even with quarantine still around. Did you find this text useful? What're your next steps? Let us know in comments below.

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