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4 Nautical Watches For Sunny Days

If you are looking for an 'always-chic' style for spring and summer, you just can’t go wrong with a nautical look. An addition of a rightly picked watch can easily make you stand out and turn you into fabulous eye-catcher! This fleet of nautical-themed watches always pair well, whether you're going for a beach walk, going to work, or going to a Friday night yacht party!

Nautilus watch

Highlighted by navy-blue, red and white stripes, along with gold plated watch hands and anchor, this timepiece is the ultimate winner when it comes to elegance and nautical style. Whether you're wearing striped or solid shirt, a sweater or a dress, it will pair with it perfectly! Besides, anything that reminds us of Captain Nemo is a win in our books!
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Striped Regatta watch

Whenever in doubt, choose stripes! Everything with stripes and anchor will immediately look nautical, and will make us think of summer, sailing and sea. If you're already sporting navy-blue and white clothes, try adding a red Striped Regatta watch - along with some other red detail (like belt) – and it will instantly make you stand out and chic. For more classic look, go with a beige watch, and just add another detail of same color.
Get Striped Regatta here.

World Map watch

The hidden map of Atlantis, a New World, or your own world map standing firmly on your wrist. An anchor to remind you that the whole world is your home. With this watch, you'll have all the time (and a map) to explore the beauties of the world and the beauties of life. Whatever color you choose, you've done it right.
Get World Map here.

Classic Anchor watch

An old anchor with a rope in combination with Roman numerals give this watch a classic, retro sailing look. With 8 different colors to choose from, you can pair it with any kind of nautical style your heart wants. For neutral look - choose white, for more classic look - pick brown, and if you're really a summer type – go with turquoise or light blue. Just don't forget to add some other detail that's in same color as your timepiece.
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